1. When somebody says "Howdy," say "Howdy," right back.

2. When ya borry something keep it, ya might need it agin.

3. If it aint broke fix it anyhow. Ifn ya caint fix it hide it.

4. Git up early ever mornin, at least before noon, on accounta it aint good fer a body ta miss too many meals.

5. When ya have a choice ta either lie or tell the truth always lie. It keeps tha other feller off balance.

6. Ifn ya eat dinner down at Ruby's Bar and Grill, or some other place like that, and don't know what it is yer eatin, don't ask. You are better off not knowin.

7. When yer woman says git ta work, make like yer doin it. It aint never good ta rile a woman. And, don't never go ta argufyin with a woman. Even if you win you still lose in one way or tother.

8. Don't worry about nothin. There is gonna be good and bad. Some days you can be tha dog, but some days yer gonna be tha fire hydrant.

9. Don't never fergit this old pronoun; "A stitch in time is worth two in the bush."

..Dugan Luker...August 31, 1999