Come on in and meet the family!

Howdy, I'm Ma!

This here is my husband, Pa!

This here is one of my girls! An thar's her sister

Can't furget my baby!

This here is my cuzin Earl! Handsome aint he?

This here is my cuzin Billy Bob!

This here is my cuzin Will!He's alittle teched! He thinks he's a
Pirate! We jest leave him alone!!

This here is my brother Billy Joe Bob!He's the musician in the family!

This here is my other brother Jim Bub! This is where you cun see him, hell he even
eats here!

This here is my other brother Dell!You don't wanta ruffle his feathers... he's just plain mean!

This here is my Ma! She stays with us! She's an ornrie ole cus!

This here is my husband's Pa!Now sometimes he goes after my ma! Bless his heart!

This here is my cuzin Roy!There he goes again the Revenuers musta been a cumin!

This here is my daughter Bessie Mae!I'm a real proud of her! She's real popular in town!

This here is my other daughter Lucinda!She likes to play sports!

The family gut ta be so much fer this here page.. dat I went en put um in here. If'n ya wunt ta see the rest uf my cuzins and family, jest click fer ta see tha pictur!

Cuzin Jess Cuzin Amos Cuzin Tom Cuzin Jake
Uncle Joe Uncle Henry Uncle Claude Cuzin Jack
Cuzin Luke My Brother Jack My Mean son Carl My Crazy son Claud
My Daughter My Daughter Couzin Jed Cuzin Lucy
Cuzin Gladyz Family Photo Circus Barker Bad Bart
Abe Pa Bubba Baby Ma & Pa
Cuzin Eb Cuzin Jed Cuzin Jim Mor Cuzinz
Dis es Ned Cuzin Bob Claims he'z a Cuzin Anuther grampapy
Pa At Work Uncle Pick Jeb goin east Me un Pa when we wuz yung
Cleetus Cuzins In Canoe Visiting Disgraceland Luke Playin
My Pappy Jake a drinkin shine Jake's Wife Claud
Bessee's Critter Yungin Lucinda Showin off har nu bathsuit Gladyz Lafin Glaydz wid har nu hat
Grandpa & Ma Gladyz havin hur coffee Pearl Open

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