Our News Machene Pa al slickerd goin ta town We caugt dis ole boy! Ma's Stove
PA's Still A Cuzin A Cuzin E-Snail
Where ya kin find Pa Whut our pig won A Revenuer How our Prezedent makes decisions
Cuzin Earl on Sat nite Another Cuzin Precious Water My boy Billy Jim Bob
Frends giv us this Sign to the Privey Ole Roy be levin these everwhar Dang thang goes behind our house!
What Pa uses on the Revenurs Ol Jeb's Long Horn Our Mail Post
Jeb Run's dem off with dis Plenty of dees around here Jeb leaves these layin al round Yeehaw!
Old Phone Table w/lamp GrandPA Ironing
Typewriter Bubba Cola Dish Washer Hillbilly Door
Fishin Jug Brown Jug Shine Mugs Seal of Approval
Hillbilly Abduction

Hillbilly Weddins!

Bride & Groom Bride & Groom Bride Dancin
Carney Ride Circus Folk Dunkin Booth Shotgun Wedding
Party Steamer Ticket Booth Weddin Desert Line
Rope Deal Bottle of Shine Open Open

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